Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brace(let) yourself

I like J.Crew. That being said, when I go to buy something, anything, it always comes off as being waaaaay to preppy on me. Preppy I am not. Nope, not even a little bit. It makes me sad (you'd think I would have a better perspective, but alas...) because I love the polished/tattered mixed vibe that J. Crew is pulling off. So I thought about it...there has to be a way that I can work something out. Then it occurred to me, no one said I had to shop the women's section. So I didn't. I shopped men's for oxford shirts and button ups. I shopped the boy's for navy school-boy blazers that are shrunken and look just a bit off. I had resolved myself to the idea that the women's section just wasn't for me until J. Crew announced their Fenton/Fallon collaboration. It is, in a word, awesome. Yep. I have been wearing the Carrington chain bracelet basically nonstop. Very happy about it.

Wearing it with:

*stacked with my Bvlgari rubber watch

*raw hemmed skinny jeans


At the moment, I am a big supporter of the denim trend.  Didn't think I would be.  But I am, so there.  I am really into this Vince Chambray Button Up.  I am so into it that I will, in fact, wear it several days in a row (gross I know, is that a bit of an over share?).  So you get it.  I like this shirt (my husband just pointed out that I am wearing it while writing the post...creepy).

Wearing it with:

*more denim! cut-offs, dark blue skinny jeans, black skinny get the picture
*Lanvin flats
*lots and lots of jewelry

Of Kors.

No one would describe the way I dress as prissy.  I wear a lot of black and grey.  My jeans, after washing them once, never look crisp again.  This is probably due to my lack of my domestic skills.  Moving on. My jewelry is a haphazard mix of whatever (diamonds mixed with vintage, expensive mixed with crap).  My favorite bag is a beat up Balenciaga classic moto that is so old and worn, I have to limit its use for fear it will literally disintegrate.  My shoes, on the other hand, are downright classic in comparison  I wear classic Louboutin black patent pumps, Lanvin flats, Prada ballet get the picture.  So when I was looking for a pair of shoes that would up the edge factor, I fell completely in love with this pair of KORS Michael Kors famous cutout platform bootie.  They add instant coolness to whatever I have on.  When I have to look "appropriate", the shoes act as a kind of F-U, and for that, I will always be loyal (until the next pair comes along...I mean, who's monogamous to a shoe?).

Wearing them with:

*Everything.  Seriously.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Miu Miu!

OK, so full disclosure...I like to shop a bit. And when I say a bit, I mean a lot. I am a big believer in buying what you love, assuming you can afford it/figure out a reasonable payment plan (kidding on that last). That being said, I have made a purchase or two that have gotten some raised eyebrows...most recently questioned are my AMAZING Miu Miu bird mary-jane. They aren't as obviously beautiful as a Louboutin pump, but (as I explained to my husband) that's the point. They're off, they're odd, they are so cool. And dificult to find, mind you. It made the actual purchase all the more exciting.

Wearing them with:

*Black skinny jeans and a men's shirt

*Vintage Levi's cut-offs and a t-shirt

*Anything grey