Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brace(let) yourself

I like J.Crew. That being said, when I go to buy something, anything, it always comes off as being waaaaay to preppy on me. Preppy I am not. Nope, not even a little bit. It makes me sad (you'd think I would have a better perspective, but alas...) because I love the polished/tattered mixed vibe that J. Crew is pulling off. So I thought about it...there has to be a way that I can work something out. Then it occurred to me, no one said I had to shop the women's section. So I didn't. I shopped men's for oxford shirts and button ups. I shopped the boy's for navy school-boy blazers that are shrunken and look just a bit off. I had resolved myself to the idea that the women's section just wasn't for me until J. Crew announced their Fenton/Fallon collaboration. It is, in a word, awesome. Yep. I have been wearing the Carrington chain bracelet basically nonstop. Very happy about it.

Wearing it with:

*stacked with my Bvlgari rubber watch

*raw hemmed skinny jeans

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